Projekttitel Organisation  Ansøger Bevilling DKK
Fast & Furious innovationsinitiativer
Climate data tool for Climate Risk and Vulnerability Analysis BL Denmark - BU6 Global Advisory.
1601, Policy, Planning and Infrastructure Development
Raphaël Payet-Burin 100.000 
Survey of the rare and endangered bee Osmia maritima BL Norway - BU Transport and Urban Planning.
3504, Spatial planning and landscape architecture
Kaj-Andreas Hanevik 100.000
Life cycle assessment (LCA) of a Carbon Capture Utilization (CCU) process BL Sweden - BU Industry
2212, Project and Process
Karin Carlqvist 75.000
Full scale testing of Geo Grids in base course and subbase course in order to archive savings on materials, with the goal of enhancing sustainability in road construction BL Denmark - BU5 Transportation.
1551, Transportation Infrastructure, DK North
Anne Richter Jungersen 50.000
Non-linear time-domain buffeting response simulations of long-span bridges BL International - BU Transportation International. 1702 Bridges International  Michael Styrk Andersen 100.000 
Analysis and optimization of medical gas and compressed air systems in hospitals BL Norway - BU Buildings. 3201 Buildings Central North  Ole Øiene Smedegård 50.000 
Airborne ground penetrating radar (GPR) for investigation of sub surface peat bog surveys BL Norway - Water and Environment. 3660 Environment Eivind Støren 100.000 
Support for Doctors Without Borders’ efforts to earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria Læger uden Grænser Anne-Mette Krøyer 500.000 

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